Last week, Berlin became a little better and just a little weirder – Space Shack opened its doors to the startup world.

ANOTHER coworking space?!” you might ask.

No – this is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Space Shack, the new coworking space in Schoeneberg, is created by the team from the beloved Roof Up, which closed its doors late last year. What emerged from its ashes is a new kind of coworking space – one that prioritizes its startups in a personal, almost familial way. As their founders stated, “We created Space Shack because we were tired to see how great ideas are getting buried under loads of unnecessary information and secondary tasks. We want to help you focus on your priority No. 1 tasks”. Space Shack is the answer to Berlin’s overwhelmed, overburdened and overstretched founders – now there’s a place to unleash your full creativity without spending unnecessary time on the unimportant stuff.

Wine pong at the GTEC booth

We at GTEC are proud to be expanding our campus to Space Shack and have been waiting for it to open for months now – and last week, it finally did! The opening was even wilder and funner than expected, with the night starting out with all partners and friends of Space Shack showcasing themselves at their booth alongside fun games and goodies. Being the sophisticated entrepreneurs that we are, we set up wine pong at our booth, to the enjoyment of all visitors.

A highlight of the night was the talks given by three incredible startups, one of which was our very own Neurofox! They talked about the future of neurotech and showcased their hardware designed to enhance brain function. If you haven’t yet checked Neurofox out, then please take a brief pause and visit their website right now:

The rest of the night was a blur of blue moon pies, outrageous synthpop, booth games and more – nothing like your typical networking. Visit Space Shack’s Facebook page to see all the incredible photos of the night and to get an idea of what the new space is like (hint: it’s absolutely stunning).

Live music to celebrate a wild night

One of our startups has already moved to our new space at Space Shack – the awesome Konetik, a company improving the efficiency and safety of car fleets. Founder and CEO Balazs Szabo had the following to say about his move from the GTEC HQ: “Since joining GTEC, we secured approximately 700k EUR financing, got accepted to Open Data Incubator, we entered the German market, built our customer base in here and grow the team from 7 to 12 people. We are a proud alumni and we moved into our current office at Space Shack, where we are continue to scale our business in the DACH region and help companies to find their way to a safer, greener, more efficient operation in the dramatically changing mobility landscape.” We’re so happy for Konetik and can’t wait to watch them continue to grow and conquer the market at Space Shack.

Thanks to Space Shack for the awesome night and we look forward to bringing our GTEC community over to your Space Shack fam. We hope to see you all there soon!

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