On a sunny day in Berlin, proptech enthusiasts gathered from all around the world for the PropTech Innovation Award Ceremony to celebrate the startups paving the way in the field of property technology.

The Award was initiated by Union Investment and GTEC as a way to find and recognize groundbreaking proptech startups from all around the world – over 200 applications came in from 46 countries. These applications were carefully evaluated and then whittled down to a shortlist of 8 high-potential startups.

The 8 Finalists:


Munich, Germany

casavi provides a service and productivity solution for digital property management. Acting as a central hub it connects all key stakeholders – property owners, tenants and service providers – on a Cloud-platform controlled by the property manager. casavi consists of three core components: a customer service portal, a ticket management and workflow system and a powerful API to connect with existing ERP and DMS software as well as other third parties. Founded in 2015 casavi currently supports more than 100 customers with a portfolio of over 370.000 units to streamline business processes while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.


London, UK 

Brickvest is a global Real Estate platform that allows investors to invest in pre-vetted institutional grade investment opportunities and actively manage their investment portfolio.
BrickVest is authorized and approved by the FCA as Full Scope AIFM with full access to European investors and markets
BrickVest has a community of 2,350 international investors of high net worth and family offices with €8 billion of assets, and 200 international real estate sponsors with Euro 170 billion of assets under management, including m7 real estate, Aerium, Corestate, Thor Equity and Venn partners. The pipeline of pre-vetted institutional quality investment opportunities in Europe and US gives exposure to Euro 350 million of investment within three months.


Berlin, Germany

ALLVR creates a cloud based business platform for visualization and communication on virtual reality headsets for the industry. For this we develop an automatic interface between CAD planning data from architects, engineers and designers and the virtual content in order to create virtual walkthroughs inside models and blueprints. With our solution the virtual reality glasses will become a communication device by giving several user with different headsets collaboratively and simultaneously access to the virtual world and the opportunity to communicate inside the tour location independently. The tool supports the planning process of construction of buildings and it gives a new way of asset marketing during the sales process in the real estate industry.

DRS DefectRadar

Vienna, Austria

DefectRadar is a cloud-based SaaS solution for construction documentation and defect management in real estate projects. Today there are in each real estate project in average 1-2 defects per 10m².
The application with native apps for all smartphones and tablets supports the user in recording, documentation, communication and tracking of tasks and defects. Project managers, architects, technicians and facility managers can record tasks, quality checks and defects in a cost and time saving way directly on the construction site and assign them in real time to the responsible person. Companies can save about 60-70% in this process and users up to 7 working hours every single week.

Building Radar

Munich, Germany

Building Radar is an online search engine to spot new construction projects worldwide and track their progress from planning to realisation. This service allows sales teams and planning departments to identify new business opportunities at the earliest possible time. As a result, companies can approach new construction sites months before their competitors and sell their product to the right construction project at the perfect time. Building Radar’s information advantage stems from its proprietary online search algorithm that identifies new information on building projects in real time. Additionally, the firm verifies project specific data, e.g. construction phase or building size, through satellite technology.

Green City Solutions

Berlin, Germany

Green City Solutions was founded in spring 2014 by a team of experts from architecture, mechanical engineering, informatics and horticulture/biology. The start-up develops smart solutions in the field of environmental services, CleanTech and sustainable urban planning for greener and more liveable cities. The vertical and multiple awarded plant filter CityTree is the first step into a climate infrastructure: A sustainable urban infrastructure which combines climate and environment protection with targets of climate change adaption.


Berlin, Germany

Since its founding in 2012, Architrave has taken on an active role in shaping the real estate industry’s digital turn. The vision: Digital real estate management through one centralized platform for all management and operational tasks concerning data, documents and processes. Future-oriented products and top-notch service allow companies to implement individualized paths to digitalization on track to lasting growth of flexibility and performance. Smart technologies, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, not only make Architrave the smartest data room in the world but the first one to auto- populate. To date, renowned clients use Architrave to manage assets worth over €45 billion.


Charleroi, Belgium

To improve the environmental and energy management of buildings, Opinum, ICT company, has developed Opisense, a Secure Web Platform which analyses your energy consumption data. Once the data are centralised on Opisense, the system automatically generates customised analyses and reports to save time and resources while increasing occupant comfort. Opisense connects to a wide variety of IoT sensors and Building Automation Systems, which are already present or newly installed. Our CEO often quotes that «Building data exist, but there are in different places, in different formats and often difficult to access. With Opisense, your energy monitoring tool, everything is registered on the Cloud.»



Community Award: Green City Solutions


First Prize: Green City Solutions


Second Prize: Architrave


Supported by:


EUR 20,000


EUR 10,000


EUR 5,000