The German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) is the first private-sector, open campus for entrepreneurship in Europe and it is connecting an international network of companies, universities, and startups along with the public. Under the triad of “Inspire, Guide, Grow”, GTEC promotes entrepreneurship on a global scale through a diverse set of offerings: from education programmes and innovation awards to meetups and workshops.

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Contact Details

GTEC Operations GmbH
ESMT Campus
Schlossplatz 1
10178 Berlin, Germany

Philipp v. Roeder, Director, Communications
PHONE: +49 30 212312101

 Press Releases

International Proptech Innovation Award Launch.

Digital technologies are set to boost innovation in the real estate industry, from enabling customer-oriented solutions to new products and more efficient processes. The Proptech Innovation Award, initiated by Union Investment and the Berlin-based German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), is aimed at supporting these exciting developments. As the first-ever proptech competition, it will focus on the best startup ideas for the real estate world of tomorrow.

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GTEC launching €50,000 Blockchain Innovation Award.

German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), Germany’s first open, private-sector platform for entrepreneurship, has launched a Blockchain Innovation Award. The first of it’s kind, the Blockchain Innovation Award is supported by GTEC founding partners RWE and Globumbus and will present a total of €50,000  to startups and founders working on the best innovation using blockchain technology.

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