GTEC | Open Lectures: we believe that understanding entrepreneurship should become mainstream. That’s why we invite the remarkable individuals who have shaped entrepreneurship and were shaped by it to tell their personal stories about what it is really all about.


How to fight back and still sell your business to Panasonic

Holger G. Weiss | CEO Aupeo! | 19.02.2015

Igniting the social entrepreneurship revolution

Ansgar Oberholz | Founder & Author | 05.03.2015

A personal story of how politics and entrepreneurship compare

Thomas Jarzombek | Entrepreneur & Member of German Parliament | 19.03.2015

Obsessions and inspirations: Martin Varsavsky, super-entrepreneur

Martin Varsavsky | Founder Fon | 14.04.2015

How to embrace technology and use it to change the world

Stephan Schmidt | Tech Guru and former CTO eBay Fashion Deutschland | 30.04.2015

Passion and curiosity: how Knut Jørstad invented e-commerce

Knut Jørstad | Internet pioneer | 13.05.2015

10 questions to ask yourself before you start a startup

Susann Hoffmann & Nora-Vanessa Wohlert | Edition F Founders | 28.05.2015

The secret to being a successful entrepreneur and a good father

Daniel Höpfner with daughter Jenny | PressMatrix Founder | 11.06.2015

Germany’s first internet billionaire on how to do it right

Stephan Schambach | Demandware Founder | 25.06.2015

How to disrupt an established industry and make the world a better place

Sonja Jost | Founder of DexLeChem | 09.07.2015

How to build a digital agency so successful Omnicom want to acquire it

Christoph Bornschein | TLGG Founder & CEO | 23.07.2015

How edtech can answer the challenge of educating children for the modern world 

Arndt Kwiatkowski | Bettermarks & ImmobilienScout 24 Founder | 03.09.2015

Six essential lessons in entrepreneurship

René Wienholtz | Strato CIO & CTO | 01.10.2015

Getting the customer to love you and to buy your product

Kenneth P. Morse | 3Com & Aspen Technology Founder | 15.10.2015

Quitting management consultancy to pursue a childhood dream

Benjamin Thym | Founder of Barcoo | 29.10.2015

How to bootstrap, work the media, and get investment

Freya Oehle | Spottster Founder | 12.11.2015

Creating a multi-million dollar company 

Gero Decker | Founder of Signavio | 10.12.2015

From tech kid to super-successful entrepreneur 

Thomas Bachem | Founder of founder, Initiator of Bundesverband Deutsche Startups | 28.01.2016

How to found a business you believe in

Verena Pausder | Founder of Fox and Sheep | 11.02.2016

Building mega successful startups

Claude Ritter | Founder of Delivery Hero and Book a Tiger | 25.02.2016

Creating the education platform of the future 

Hannes Kloepper | Founder of iversity | 10.03.2016

The awesome ride of entrepreneuship

Maxim Nohroudi | Founder of ally | 24.03.2016

On seeking wisdom and making an impact

Mikko Alasaarela | 7x founder – currently Inbot | 07.04.2016

Top tips for success from Austria’s entrepreneur of 2016

Bianca Gfrei | Founder of kiweno | 21.04.2016

Revolutionising the way we work

Christoph Fahle | Founder of betahaus | 03.05.2016

Making virtual reality mainstream

Michael Ronen | Founder of Splash | 19.05.2016

Finding your passion and scaling it

Lars Hinrichs | Founder of XING | 02.06.2016

The Art of Telling the Perfect Story

Miriam Rupp | Founder of Mashup Communications | 16.06.2016

Building Africa’s no. 1 e-commerce platform

Oliver Skopec | Founder of TUPOMOJA | 30.06.2016

The Need for Innovation and What We Can Learn from Startups

Maks Giordano | Co-Founder and Managing Director of kreait | 23.10.2016

How To Boost Your Business With PR.

Tilo Bonow | Founder of PIABO PR | 20.10.2016