GTEC Startup Academy

Turn your idea into a company, Berlin-style.


Applications are closed for this round! Stay tuned for the next call for startups.

The Program

The 3-month GSA program consists of weekly (Thursdays and Fridays) mentoring sessions, workshops, work assignments, and individual mentoring, covering the entire startup story arc. In a nutshell, you arrive as a guy/girl/team with an idea – and you leave as the CEO of your own company.

The program will cover, among other things, the following points:

  • Business analytics and VC rules
  • Defining a thorough, bottom-up business model
  • Professional sales, networking and international relations
  • Legal setup and options, Intellectual Property, and Public Funding
  • Pitching well to customers, investors, cofounders
  • Explaining your idea in simple terms so journalists would want to write about you
  • Conceiving a reasonable, fundable, profitable, convincing digital business idea
  • Defining a vision and translating it into company values (brand, work atmosphere, management techniques, HR policies…)
  • Working and partnering profitably with Corporate Germany

The Deal

  • Founders give 4% in shares of the companies they create in or bring into GSA
  • Two teams will be eligible for investment on a convertible note of 25.000€ each at the end of the program. Meaning: it pays to make an effort
  • Participants get 3 months of full-time free co-working space at GTEC and an additional 3 months after the program

To Apply

  • You don’t need a business plan, a complete team, or a demo yet – but you need to have an idea of what problem you’re dying to solve with the company you’re going to start
  • Your English needs to be good enough to write and pitch with confidence
  • You need to either bring an incorporated company (e.g. a German UG or GmbH or its equivalent in other countries) or be ready to incorporate before the end of the program
  • You need to put some 22 hours of work per week into developing your idea into a company, with Thursdays and Fridays spent co-working at GSA HQ
  • You need to be able to personally attend sessions and workshops in Berlin

Current Startups

Flowpilot is an easy real time cash flow management for e-commerce companies, eliminating all cash management related bankruptcies.

Seniovo supports elderly and disabled people with barrier-free structural alteration measures and living space adjustments of any kind.

FOUNDIX enables you to start a multivendor marketplace without coding knowledge and a lot of capital – in a few minutes!

Hupp turns commuting into a great experience, it’s your new daily carpool assistant.

YOUMO is the first modular lifestyle power strip designed for smart homes and offices.

The first AI driven platform for profiling & job matching.