EUR 50,000 Blockchain Innovation Award


Blockchains are eating the world! GTEC’s first-ever Innovation Award, sponsored by Globumbus and RWE, awarded EUR 50,000 to blockchain startups. With a competition that ran over 5 months, culminating in an Award Ceremony in Berlin on 17th May 2016, the prizes were awarded to the best blockchain startups from around the world.

The GTEC Blockchain Innovation Award is now closed.


Congratulations to the four prize winners: Arcade City (Gold); CargoChain (Silver); Clipperz (Bronze) and Helperbit (Community Prize).

A huge thank you to all the startups who applied – and a special thank you to the 12 who made the shortlist and came to Berlin to pitch at the Award Ceremony on 17th May. The quality was excellent!

Watch this space for news on upcoming competitions.

What the Innovation Award looked for in startups and founders … 

  • industry and stage agnostic

  • whether startup or idea, the best ideas utilizing any blockchain infrastructure, including the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, or your own blockchain.

  • the best ideas for solving daily problems on a decentralized architecture.

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Prizes sponsored by Globumbus and RWE


(EUR 20,000)


(EUR 15,000)


(EUR 10,000)


(EUR 5,000)

More than just the money – 0% equity and no commitment


All startups applying had the chance to win exclusive membership to the GTEC Lab – a 12-month support program, providing you with free central Berlin office space; legal, tax and business consulting; business tools; plus direct access to GTEC’s international network of investors and advisors – for 0% equity, 0 euros rent, no strings attached.

A few examples of the types of ideas the competition was open to … 

Products and Services in a decentralised energy world – “Blockchain & Physical Delivery”

  • Physical delivery of energy managed via the blockchain
  • Physical delivery of eMobility solutions managed via the blockchain (charging, car-sharing)
  • Sharing (donating, no money involved), trading (selling and buying) of own generated energy
  • Batteries / storage sharing
  • Crowdsourcing of parcels
  • Building up and supporting energy communities
  • Connecting customers (buyers) with asset owners (renewable energy products)
Integrated Algorithmic Corporation with Physical Delivery involved

  • Viral, automated sales and customer transfer process
  • Forecasting, optimisation and delivery processes
  • Back-Office processes
  • Settlement and billing
  • Customer service management via the blockchain

  • Blockchain, Smart Contracts, DAO/DACs
  • Interaction via P2P Nodes or Gateways with physical devices, locking units and meters
  • Off-Chain Computation of Forecasting and Optimisation including Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence
  • Data feeds via Smart Oracles
  • Reputation Systems
  • Crowdsourcing of Services
FinTech Services (wallet, storage, security, …) and other ideas … 

  • remittance / international money transfer (Western Union)
  • crowd-funding
  • escrow services
  • insurance
  • trading systems (stock market, energy trading)
  • notary services, multi signature (four-eyes-principle)
  • Social Networks (whatsApp, facebook, …)
  • cloudstorage (dropbox, …)
  • registration services / record keeping (land registry, patent, vehicle registration, …), IP rights
  • carsharing (uber & co. on blockchain), parking services
  • voting


2 November 2015 – 31 March 2016

Questions? Check out our FAQs here.

The competition is now closed.