GTEC Berlin Startup Academy is Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator.

In a 3-month, 2 day/week program involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors, we help to turn an idea into a startup or to bring entrepreneurial drive to your enterprise.

As part of German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), we make the resources of Germany’s industry and Mittelstand, wealth, science, and academics available to founders from around the world.


Unlike other accelerators, we accept founders who may or may not have a complete team or prototype yet, helping you with team completion, idea evaluation, and access to the Berlin ecosystem.

Our independence from corporate funds means that we can accept ideas from across the board, including hardware, software and social entrepreneurship to give a few examples.

Being part-time, we don’t require you to drop everything you’re doing and completely submit to a new schedule. Freelancing on the side is cool with us – up to a point, though.

However, we are very critical regading the feasibility of your startup idea, because we believe that no mentor or investor can salvage an idea without pain point or target group.

What you need to bring

The next 3-month, part-time (Thursdays and Fridays) GTEC BSA program starts March, 2016, at the GTEC Lab on the ESMT Campus, Schlossplatz 1, Berlin. We have quite probably the greatest location in Berlin: a spacious campus right between the city’s landmark sights. In the last program, we involved a total of 54 mentors, of which 24 were CEOs, 10 investors, 10 coaches and 10 experts (like lawyers and accountants).

Apply with your idea here!


You don’t need a business plan, a complete team, or a demo yet – but you need to have an idea of what problem you’re dying to solve with the company you’re going to start. And your English needs to be good enough to write and pitch with confidence.

You need to either bring an incorporated company (e.g. a German UG or GmbH or its equivalent in other countries) or be ready to incorporate before the end of the program.

You need to put some 22 hours of work per week into developing your idea into a company, with Thursdays and Fridays spent co-working at GTEC Campus, and be able to personally attend sessions and workshops in Berlin.



GTEC BSA is curriculum-based, with its 14 weeks each focusing on a specific business-relevant issue. Mentors are invited according to their entrepreneurial expertise in the respective topic, making sure that there are no blind spots.

Startup Requirements

1. Program language is English, with 2 days/ week (Friday and Saturday) mandatory presence on the GTEC premises in the heart of Berlin.

2. Weekly Show-and-Tell sessions on Friday nights, presence is mandatory

3. Weekly reading list to prepare sessions, and assignments to be completed and reviewed by peers and mentors

4. Weekly pitch, to be reviewed by peers and mentors

5. Weekly time involvement: 22 hours on average (2 days full-time, plus appr. 6 hrs preparing and meeting mentors)

6. Each participant receives up to four hours of individual pitch training and hands-on executive summary advice by BSA, plus individual coaching by mentors

7. Founders need to either bring or incorporate a company during the program, while corporate participants will team up with a peer, helping him to achieve the next milestones.

  1. Founders pay a course fee of 1000 € plus 4% in shares of the companies they create in or bring into GTEC BSA.
  2. If, during the program, founders discover that their idea or they personally are not yet ready to sustain incorporation, they may either leave the program or team up with and join the company of another BSA founder in the program.
  3. If, however, BSA asks them to leave because of not doing essential work and lacking commitment, they are out.
  4. Corporate participants pay a negotiable fee, with a goal to sustain BSA and cross-finance startup creation during the program.


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