We believe that entrepreneurship is a teachable skill and we aim to promote and develop the discipline.


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Inspire.        Guide.        Grow.

Inspire the community with our knowledge-sharing engagements

Keynotes and Workshops

Whether you are a founder looking to inspire your team, an executive wanting to learn more about intrapreneurship, or a professor searching for a guest speaker, we offer tailor-made keynotes and workshops. Get in touch for more info.

Inspire.        Guide.        Grow.

We guide in the development of entrepreneurship curriculum

Education Programs

Get in touch to learn how we can provide the necessary tools to study and teach entrepreneurship – from primary schools to universities.

Inspire.        Guide.        Grow.

Using our resources to grow entrepreneurship programs

University Partnerships

We are in a unique position to enhance the education of budding entrepreneurs worldwide by opening up our campus to long-term, strategic partnerships. Learn how by getting in touch here:

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