"Germany's One Stop Collaboration Shop For European Startups"

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Europe’s #1 hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

German Tech Entrepreneurship Center, located at ESMT Berlin, is the first private-sector, open campus for entrepreneurship in Europe. Connecting an international network of companies, universities, and startups, GTEC educates founders from around the world and acts as a springboard for innovation in Germany and beyond.


Supporting tech startups to access the market better and grow faster.

One of the key ways GTEC supports entrepreneurship is through the GTEC Lab. A 12-month support program for tech startups, the GTEC Lab provides free office space, prototyping facilities, business and tax consulting, and direct access to a network of investors and strategic partners. In contrast to standard accelerator programs, the unique value proposition of the GTEC Lab supports startups for 0% equity, no strings attached.

GTEC Berlin Startup Academy

Berlin’s leading independent accelerator program for tech startups.

In a 3-month, 2 day/week program, involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors, GTEC Berlin Startup Academy helps turn your idea into a startup that matters. Connecting founders from around the world to our investor, research, and strategic partnership network, the program is industry-agnostic. We welcome applications from teams and from single founders.

Become part of it!

If you offer a product or service useful in the GTEC environment, contact us about an ecosystem collaboration! If you are consulting corporations on digital change, team up with GTEC and profit from our resources. If you are an organization supporting entrepreneurship, let’s talk. If you are an accelerator, investor, mentor, community organization from neighboring countries or around the globe, please get in touch.

For all ecosystem enquiries, contact us at ecosystem@gtec.berlin

GTEC Lab Startups

The best high-potential tech startups from across Europe and beyond

The startups accepted into the GTEC Lab represent the broad spectrum of tech innovation across Europe, including med-tech, wearables, intelligent devices, digital publishing, autonomous driving and much more. 

  • Konetik

    Increasing the safety and efficiency of car fleets. Learn more

  • dbGlove

    Enabling communication, interaction and a connected life for deaf-blind people. Learn more

  • Parlamind

    Artificial Intelligence helping online retailers be more responsive to their customers. Learn more

  • ZoomSquare

    Google for real estate. Learn more

  • Uvisio

    Get control over your Sun exposure. Learn more

  • Uber Energy

    Using machine learning to learn, predict and conserve the energetic needs of people and buildings. Learn more

  • Tula Auto

    An Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for urban or private environments. Learn more

  • Zenodys

    The fastest way for your business and your clients to benefit from the Internet of Things/Everything. Learn more

  • Papermine

    DIY web app to publish and market interactive content without writing a single line of code. Learn more

  • Ubeeko

    Big data application platform for the industrial internet. Learn more

  • Heilihq

    AI powered, hassle free, site reliability. Learn more

  • Fresh Square

    A smart home garden to get delicious fresh veggies at home, even with no skills in gardening. Learn more

  • iimes

    Providing unique fluid surface technology to improve resource efficiency and lifecycle of any mechanical system. Learn more

  • Cooling Inno

    Passive A/C units and thermal storage tanks for energy storage. Learn more

  • Pangea Electronics

    The world starts being modular with the Pangea Sun Notebook. Learn more

  • Vargo

    The video commerce network. Learn more

  • Neurofox

    Sharpened focus and deep relaxation made easy, with sustainable and evidence based results through brain sensing technology. Learn more


An innovation community to drive tech entrepreneurship.

To support the GTEC Lab startups, we are building an ever-growing network of organisations and individuals who can provide value and expertise. From our founding partners and ecosystem partners to our mentors and startup teams, we aim to create and connect the key international tech entrepreneurship players.

Ecosystem Partners

GTEC works together with premium services to provide GTEC Lab members with free / much discounted consulting, workshops and business tools to enable them to focus on what they are best at.

Industry Experts

Supporting startups with first-hand experience.

Fundamental to GTEC’s selection of startups, our industry experts come from a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise, and industries. Using their direct experience of founding, growing, and selling businesses, the experts guide GTEC startups and provide unparalleled access to their networks of investors, strategic partners, and fellow entrepreneurs. 


We are founders for founders.

GTEC’s directors have founded, invested in, and accelerated tech startups. Collectively active in the European startup ecosystem for more than two decades, they have an unrivalled international network spanning industry, academia, and startups.  

Get involved with GTEC

 Launch or grow your tech business with the power of the Germany economy. 

Any entrepreneur – from student, to first-time founder, to corporate intrapreneur – is welcome to join our programs, events, talks and workshops. For corporations and investors looking for the ideal spot to connect with the Berlin startup ecosystem, we offer desks and memberships. 

On a regular basis, GTEC brings you talks and workshops with leading entrepreneurs.

The GTEC Lab offers exclusive partnership deals; free programs, events, talks and workshops; as well as workspace within Germany’s most connected innovation hub.

Berlin Startup Academy (BSA) is Berlin’s boutique, independent Startup Accelerator. In a 3-month, 2 day/week program involving 60+ of Berlin’s most experienced CEOs and investors.

Upcoming Events

GTEC Open Lectures

Making an understanding of entrepreneurship mainstream.

Every two weeks we invite entrepreneurs who have made it to tell their personal stories of surviving the lows and reaching the highs. Check out our full archive of Open Lectures here. 

Super-entrepreneur and Fon founder Martin Varsavsky shares his personal ideas on what drives him as an entrepreneur and reveals his latest game-changing business inspiration in the human fertility space.

Holger G. Weiss, shares his personal story on how as an entrepreneur you can get knocked back ten times over but still come through to achieve major success.

German internet billionaire and Demandware founder Stephan Schambach tells his story of how he went from being denied higher education in the fading days of the GDR to building two public companies spanning both sides of the Atlantic.


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TechCrunch Arrives In Berlin on July 14

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Benjamin Rohé: GTEC Managing Director – on why he founded GTEC

Dr Inken Braunschmidt: RWE Chief Innovation Officer – on why they see the future in collaboration

Paolo Bavaj: Henkel Corporate Director – on designing the ideal innovation ecosystem